Does Your Contractor Communicate?

Lakeside on the Custom Contemporary Lake Michigan Home

You just signed the contract with your builder to begin bringing your dream home to reality. The plans are drawn out and approved. Your custom house will be the home you live in for the next 20+ years. Financing is approved and in place. A few weeks go by and you assume everything is moving forward. You stop by the construction site after a month and are shocked to see an empty lot. No construction trucks or markers. Nothing has been done and you start to worry that your six-month timeline is now going to be delayed. You have hinged so much on this property, from when you will sell and move out of your current home to your plans this summer.

Communication Matters When Building a Home

Besides looking at the abilities and experience of a contractor, have you ever considered how communication comes into play? What kind of communication and updates should you expect out of your custom home builder? At Mapleridge Construction, we value communication with each client and have high standards in place to ensure you don’t go through the nightmare of no communication that so many have experienced. Making your dream home a reality should be an enjoyable and exciting experience.

The Mapleridge Communication Process

So what happens after you sign a contract with us? By the time you sign a contract we have already put time and energy into discovering your dreams and planning how we will make them happen. We are realistic and don’t promise what we can’t deliver. After the contract is signed we work with you on creating or finalizing the plans and presenting an accurate estimate. All materials are decided on, customizations are planned out and we base an estimate on the current costs of materials. You know what you are paying for and we provide up-to-the-minute cost updates and explanation documents with weekly updates. We don’t just wait for you to find out if something has changed through the process and we don’t make assumptions. The beautiful home we help you plan out is exactly what you will get in the timeframe we agree on.

Questions to Ask Your Contractor

  • Do you provide image updates on a daily or weekly basis?
  • How do you update your clients?
  • How do you handle changes or potential setbacks in the project?

Trust the experts at Mapleridge Construction to build your custom dream home on Torch Lake. Our quality, experience and daily, honest communication is exactly what you need.


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