When Should You Call A Builder for Your Custom Home?

Torch lake home by Mapleridge Construction

You have been thinking of and planning your customized dream home for years and all the details are worked out in your mind. The perfect location overlooking the lake you have vacationed at for years. It has a long, paved driveway with beautiful landscaping to welcome you as you drive in past the tall trees. The front entryway is functional and warm with touches of oak and an antique bench that has been handed down for generations in your family. Walking down the hall toward the open concept kitchen are family pictures and shelving made from pine logs. You look out the large picture windows past the stone fireplace to see the lake glistening in the sunshine. Your mind continues going through your custom home and you know it’s time to get started. Invite us to be involved before and during the design process to ensure your dream home stays within your budget.

Should You Hire an Architect First?

Many people start their building process by purchasing land and then hiring an architect to begin designing their home. They end up calling us after the design is nearly finalized and, although we love getting involved in a new build at any stage, we like to be involved before and during the design process to help keep the plans within the desired budget. We highly recommend calling us before you start working with the architect and here’s why.

Goal: Stick to the Budget and Timeline

Starting with an architect and then calling us has left many homeowners surprised by how the budget and timeline grows. There are many amazing architects in this areas and we can work with them to help keep in mind key factors and current pricing that determine the budget and timeline for a customized home. We know the current rates for materials available through our trusted and dependable suppliers and vendors and the time involved in crafting a customized cabinet, kitchen island, entryway storage or walk-in closet. Inviting us to be part of designing and building your custom home from day one means we can provide feedback and direction right away on the materials available and options to stay within a specific budget. There may be a few surprises along the way, but we work hard to discover these while the drawing is still on paper instead of after the walls and rooms are already built. We can work with our vendors and suppliers to find the best available pricing and discounts. We have found through the years that with the collaborative team approach we can offer a more complete, accurate, and obtainable home package.

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